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Motion videos

Kinomap hosts the largest free sharing platform in the world, dedicated to fully geolocated videos, meaning that all recordings contain a GPS track fully synchronized with a video. We host over 15,000 videos from 86 different countries and covering 110,000 km of cumulative track


Health, Fitness and Sports

health and fitness

Kinomap develops mobile applications that communicate with Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ wearable devices and provide data monitoring, reporting and analysis. Kinomap supports users, athletes and cycling teams.

Internet of Things (iOT)

Kinomap is dealing on a daily basis with a large variety of wearable or built-in sensors. The most popular sensors are set to get a cadence, stride, stroke, speed, power or heart rate data. There are some more specific ones to measure XYZ acceleration, muscle oxygenation (SmO2), lactate…

internet of things

Business Apps

business application

Kinomap provides ad-hoc web-based services and mobile Apps, including iOS and Android to corporate accounts. A cloud-based infrastructure does ensure scalability, global coverage and high availability.